Search Engine Marketing

Make sure your investment generates results with paid search. Lead Mantra will put your brand in front of prospects who are searching for similar schools. Our strategy generates leads with the lowest cost per inquiry thus optimizing your advertising dollars.

We (or your results) are monitored daily. Standard reporting includes keyword impressions, clicks and conversion rates.

search engine optimization (SEO)

Lead Mantra will use search engine optimization (SEO) to generate more organic referrals and move your site to the top of search results. We will optimize your website content and design to maximize exposure and obtain targeted, high-ranking search results. This strategy will yield the best conversion rate for your institution.

On-Page Optimization
Nobody reads the last pages of search engines. We’ll help you get to the top. Our experts truly understand the science and algorithms behind SEO. We specialize in website architecture, URL structure, HTML site mapping, XML site mapping, robots.txt capabilities and custom 404 pages, as well as duplicate URLs. We will empower you to strengthen your page through the power of content, keyword research, copy creation, meta tags, header tags, image tags, video optimization, footer optimization, and internal linking.

Off-Page Optimization
For off-page optimization, Lead Mantra has a two-pronged approach. We use link building and content promotion to create traffic from websites outside your domain. A well-rounded link portfolio can generate as much as 60% of your website traffic, and Lead Mantra will ensure your institution maximizes that opportunity. Sharing your content on social sites will also optimize your online traffic while also increasing brand awareness and keyword relevancy.